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Community College

Overview Community College

The main purpose of this article is to explain about Community College.

Key Facts

Community College of Philadelphia suggests too much seventy associate’s degree, educational and ability certificate programs. latest graduates continue to strengthen Philadelphia’s local financial system and workforce—78% are employed in Philadelphia and ninety-three percent work in the Greater Philadelphia area. The College enables students to embark on a smart way to a bachelor’s degree program, with transfer contracts and partnerships to help in the transition.
We offer a broad range of scholarships to help students paying tuition at the College or a 4-year institution. To house a broad range of students,  we offer day, evening and weekend classes on our major Campus and at our 3 Regional Centers. Online and hybrid courses and degree programs give even other elasticity when pursuing a college education.
Businesses and specialized look to Corporate Solutions for specialized services, such as modified workforce training, certification training, professional growth workshops and onsite degree programs.
Community College
Community College
For those that want to get concerned, athletics and campus life initiatives provide students with learning and leadership knowledge external to the classroom.

Community College Environment

Small class sizes and devoted faculty make a personalized, helpful atmosphere.

Our students and faculty bring a diverse mix of cultural backdrop, ages and life knowledge to the College. global students particularly enrich our learning environment by offering a present global perspective.

The College allows all its students to interact with individuals from dissimilar parts of Philadelphia and the globe, facilitating discussion, connection, and self-discovery.

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

society College of Philadelphia is an open entrance, an associate-degree-granting organization which gives admission to upper education for all who may advantage. Its programs of study in the liberal arts and sciences, career technologies, and vital educational skills give a coherent foundation for college transfer, employment, and lifelong education. The College serves Philadelphia by preparing its students to be conversant and concerned citizens, active participants in the cultural life of the city, and allowed to meet the changing requirements of commerce, trade, and the professions. To help address big financial, cultural and political concerns in the city and beyond, the College draws jointly students from a broad range of ages and backdrop and seeks to give the programs and support they require to achieve their goals.
The College seeks to make a caring environment which is mentally and culturally animated and encourages all students to get:
    Greater insight into their strengths, requirements, and aspirations, and a better appreciation of their own cultural background and knowledge
    Increased knowledge and appreciation of a diverse world where all are interdependent
    Heightened curiosity and active attention to intellectual questions and community issues
    Improved skill to pursue paths of inquiry, to interpret and evaluate what is discovered, and to express responses effectively
    Self-fulfillment based on service to others, preparation for upcoming work and study, and enjoyment of current challenges and accomplishments 


To serve Philadelphia as a premier education organization where student achievement exemplifies the strength of a diverse, urban community college.

Vision Ideals

    A college atmosphere that worths and supports a culturally diverse and intellectually animated society and prepares students for international citizenship
    Respected liberal arts and transfer programs that assist student grounding for the baccalaureate knowledge
    Superior career programs that set up students to meet present and evolving labor market requirements
    Innovative developmental and literacy programs that set up students for other advanced educational and training opportunities
    Agile programs that meet the requirements of employers and emergent workforce growth initiatives
    Responsive continuing mature and social education programs that enhance and encourage individual increase and development
    An engaged and brilliant faculty, staff and administration that enable students to meet up their full potential
    A teaching and learning atmosphere that exemplifies ongoing and productive communication and collaboration across the organization
    Strong and equally beneficial partnerships with public and parochial schools, social organizations and governmental agencies that model effective society-based educational programs
    The state-of-the-art technology employed to improve teaching and learning
    available and affordable education planned to optimize opportunities for student contribution
    A supportive learning society that uses learning outcomes to measure achievement and guide innovative curricular and program developments to meet individual and group requirements

Core Values


The College places justice and honesty at the center of all of its policies and process. We uphold the maximum ethical standards in striving for educational and specialized integrity in all that we do. We strive to be together responsible and responsive in utilizing resources to meet up student and community requirements.

Academic Excellence

The College sets expect and maintain high educational standards regular with the requirements of the students, region and changing workforce. Our faculty and employees are the commitment to give high-class, innovative, and elastic educational opportunities and services in an accessible, student-centered atmosphere.


The College embraces and understands the value of providing an education and atmosphere that promotes the uniqueness of students, faculty, employees and the societies that we serve. We confirm that diversity is important to an autonomous society, as it enriches the educational knowledge and celebrates dissimilarity between individuals.

Commitment to Teaching and Learning

The College functions as an education organization, recurrently adapting, improving and evaluating its services to promote lifelong intellectual and personal enlargement. We believe that education is rooted in together curiosity and inquiry, and is engendered by the devoted, creative and enthusiastic instruction which uses appropriate, maximum modes of delivery. Technology supports and serves the learning procedure.


The College is Commitment to useful, open and proactive communication. We take liability to listen, speak and write clearly to notify others and foster collaboration by using and respect a matrix of communication channels. joint partnerships are strengthened when communication is ongoing and creative. 


The College promotes value, civility, and courtesy in our everyday interactions with others. We seek to instill value for and appreciation of members of the College community, our facilities, our atmosphere, our society and the organization in which we work.

Institutional Impact

Serving too much 685,000 individuals since 1965, the College plays an essential character in the education and progress of Philadelphia’s residents and workforce.
Students at Community College of Philadelphia have a kind of educational goals and educational requirements. Whether they are preparing to enter the workforce, launch on their way to a bachelor’s degree, start a new career, gain ability to advance in their present position, keep specialized credentials up-to-date or discover new interests, the College gives deep resources and support services that assist them discover their opportunities and arrive at their potential.

With seventy-eight percent of our graduates employed in Philadelphia, and ninety-three percent working in the better Philadelphia area, the College impacts key industries in the city. Beginning a college education here leads you to other career choices, with better economic stability and a higher lifetime earning potential than is probably without a degree. Our graduates are talented, educated residents who develop their own lives and make stronger Philadelphia as a whole.

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Zubair Maqsood
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