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Undergraduate Degree

Overview Undergraduate Degree

The main purpose of this article is to explain the undergraduate degree.

Accounting Business BBA Degree

Program explanation

Accounting is a main planned for students set up for careers in public, private, and administration accounting. The course and associated courses are planned to provide students with the accounting background necessary for understanding the large operational aspects of a business association, as well as an in-depth understanding of accounting theory and concepts, preparation and explanation of economic statements, and techniques of financial analysis. The Bachelor of Business Management (B.B.A.) degree program with a major in accounting needs the satisfactory completion of the specified course.
undergraduate degree
undergraduate degree

Computer Science and Business BS Degree

Program explanation

Computer Science and commerce is a simple undergraduate degree created by combine programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Commerce. CSB combines Computer Science and Computer Information Systems to create a discipline that set up students for long-term achievement in new technologies, tools and new means of dispersing and controlling information. This program gives a distinctive set of competencies that enable graduates to get understanding and experience in the innovation procedure that transforms ideas into products and services, including an understanding of commerce basics, policy, and intellectual property. The degree encompasses all industries, with a kind of career choices, from programming to networking and project management. The program set up students to enter careers in computing and information technology, to make their personal entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as follow graduate study.

Marketing Business BBA Degree

Program explanation

The marketing concentration is dedicated to an intensive coverage of activities associated with the delivery of goods and services from the producing association to the user. The marketing concentration prepares graduates for specialized positions in selling, purchasing, procurement, promotion and physical supply. Opportunities for careers in marketing include commercial banks, nonprofit associations, and
other organizations. The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) undergraduate degree with a concentration in marketing needs the satisfactory completion of the specified course.

Journalism Mass Communication BA Degree

Program explanation

A major in Mass Communication at NCCU will set up one for a kind of careers and for continued personal, civic, and specialized development. All courses in the major enhance skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. The Mass Communication main offers concentrations in broadcast media, communication studies, and journalism. Mass Communication mains specialize in the theory and practice of print and broadcast media. Mass Communication alumni are working all over the state in public relations, newspaper and magazine journalism, and broadcast and online media and film. The Broadcast Media concentration is best suitable for those who wish to set up for careers in radio and television production. Journalism is the concentration for those who want a career in broadcast, print, or online journalism. The Communication Studies concentration is for those students who want a balanced combination of study in broadcast and print media, with public relations. Many Mass Communication mains work for our award-winning campus newspaper, the Campus Echo, for our student-run radio station, AudioNet, and for NCCUs 51,000-watt FM station, WNCU, whose staff and services are often available for student training and classroom presentations.

Political Science BA Degree   

Program explanation

The Department of Political Science set up students for the official profession, government service, media/journalism, the private sector, non-profit employment, graduate school, overseas service, teaching, and civic engagement. The curriculum includes courses in USA government and politics, global affairs, political theory, and political methodology. The department offers a Pre-Law program, planned to set up students for law school. In addition to the coursework, students receive counseling and other necessary assistance in making their option of a law school. They will be able to interview with different law schools that conduct interviews on our campus. In addition, the department offers an online Law School Admission trial (LSAT) prep course, as well as its personal Writing Lab and computer lab.

Public Health Education BS Degree

Program explanation

The section of Public Health Education proposes a specialized training program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education degree with a concentration in society Health Education. The program is planned to set up entry-level society health educators for practice in a kind of settings,
including state and local health departments, schools, private non-profit associations, hospitals and other health care agencies, and corporate and commerce worksites. In addition, the program will provide students with sound training for graduate study in public health education and associated disciplines and for approved coursework and experiences leading to eligibility to take tests such as the Certified Health Education expert (CHES) exam.BR /BR /strong Upper and Lower Divisions/stronger /In the lower division of the section, new majors complete the General Education course necessities and take 4 courses that serve as an introduction to the field of health education. Upon completion of these 4 courses, students may apply to the section’s upper division. Admission to the upper division needs a 2.44 GPA in the four lower division courses. (Students may not repeat courses they did badly in to achieve this GPA.) In addition, students must have an overall GPA of 2.25. by /be /In the upper division, students complete 14 necessary health education courses and a number of associated social science and education courses. The culmination of the educational experience is a full-time, 7-week health education internship in a public health organization. Students conduct this fieldwork in the last semester of their senior year. They must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 in all health education courses before starting their internship.br /br /strongStudent associations/stronger /Society of Future Health Educators (SOFHE) is a society of students at North Carolina Central University who are interested in pursuing a public health education career. In SOFHE, public health education majors and minors come together to learn other about the vocation and about networking and internship opportunities. SOFHE members share experiences, develop and deepen friendships, behavior service projects, and help in community-based health education activities.br /br /Eta Sigma Gamma is the state Health Education Honor Society. Since 1967, Eta Sigma Gamma has combined with other specialized health associations to promote the profession of health education and health promotion. This association enhances the specialized development of students through participation in health education activities, providing leadership and advocacy opportunities, recognizing academic achievements, and providing networking experiences with health experts and fellow Gammons.

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